week of December 21th : the 4 dishes of the day
(just for lunch)

Phô 22
Vietnamese spicy soup, thin slices of fillet of beef and rice noodles

risotto with milanese, saffron and marrow bone 21

bouchot mussels with cream, chorizo, french fries 23

Scottish salmon tartar with green apples, shallots, lime, olive oil, herbs, sucrine leaves and pink radishes, sour cream, toast and Chips 24

Dessert of the day

mont-blanc 12
meringue, chestnut cream with rum, vanilla mascarpone and marrons glacés

Winter menu


salad of young shoots, pink radishes and small roasted seeds 10

butternut squash soup with coconut and turmeric, roasted almonds and crispy sage 14

marrow bone with coarse salt, toast 15 (15 minutes in the oven)

homemade foie gras, small morello cherries in liqueur and kirsch, gingerbread crumble, brioche bread 19

crispy Japanese gyoza ravioli with vegetables, sesame seedlings 16

burrata with small tomato olivettes and basil 16/26

burrata with raw ham from the St-Bernard butcher’s shop, fig and basil 17/28

oysters Marennes Oléron fine de claire no 3, vinaigrette and salted butter 9/18/33
3p / 6p /12p

carpaccio of scallops, olive oil, yuzu, Greek yoghurt and kasha 19

Christmas salad with oranges, mozzarella di Buffala, raw ham from the butcher’s shop St. Bernard’s, fresh mint, pomegranate 17/28

tuna tartare Maï Maï style 19/38
mango, passion fruit, lime, coconut milk, ginger, cilantro and toasted sesame seeds with your dish, caribbean curry sautéed potatoes

warm goat’s cheese crouton salad from Besson in Grimisuat with eggplant, cured ham from the St-Bernard butcher’s shop, walnuts 16/28

beef tartar cut with a knife, toast, with your dish, a basket of french fries 19/38

tuna Poke Bowl 19/34
Asian marinated raw tuna, radish, mango, carrot, avocado, cucumber, seaweed, quinoa, lime and sesame

The follows

grilled gnocchi, morel sauce, raw ham chips 28

creamy risotto with truffle oil, scallops, chanterelles, rosemary and roasted hazelnuts 32

penne with tomato burrata sauce, datterino tomatoes, basil 24

penne with smoked salmon, cream, vodka and dill 23

linguine with basil pesto and fresh goat’s cheese from Besson in Grimisuat, toasted pine nuts 26

prawns with red Thai curry, rice noodles 30
aubergine, squash, tomato, chilli, Thai basil

sea bream fillet, yellow Thai curry, aubergine, squash, tomato, basmati rice with fried onions and coriander 34

black sesame crusted semi-cooked tuna fillet 42
soy sauce, wasabi, pickled ginger, wakame seaweed salad, shichimi Japanese 7 spice french fries

grilled whole Canadian lobster, lemon butter, tarragon risotto 52

artisanal blood sausage from the Fournier-Pitteloud butcher’s shop, applesauce, candied apples and mashed potatoes 29

thai red curry of chicken, vegetables, chilli, Thai basil and basmati rice 29

semi-cooked fillet of beef japanese style 40
soy sauce, wasabi, pickled ginger, wakame seaweed salad, shichimi Japanese 7 spice french fries

venison entrecote with chanterelles, caramel sauce, candied apples, figs, French fries 45

200 grams of Black Angus beef fillet from Ireland, morel sauce, spinach shoots, celery and chanterelles, basket of french fries 49

gluten intolerance :
gluten-free pasta – gluten-free bread / subject to availability
For your children, all our dishes can be served in small portions.
Let us know if you have any intolerances or allergies.

Origin of meat and fish
black Angus = Ireland / fillet of beef – raw ham – marrow bone – blood sausage = Swiss / hunting = Austria / chicken = France / foie gras = France / sea bream = Greece “friends of the sea” / tuna = Sri Lanka “friends of the sea”, lobster = Canada

The desserts

mango and passion fruit pavlova 12

fig puff pastry, honey, mint, orange zest, vanilla cream 12

passion fruit panna cotta 10

the tiramisu pot 10

3 glazed mochis: mango – raspberry – yuzu 10

passion fruit soup & green tea hasta ice cream 9

pineapple carpaccio with basil syrup 9

Toblerone chocolate mousse, white and black 10

warm chocolate fondant, hasta fior di latte ice cream, salted caramel sauce 12


a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, cashew praline, hot chocolate sauce 10

ice that cannot be found
carambar – nutella – ovomaltine 12

iced coffee 12
ice coffee, hot espresso and fresh cream

sorbet and ice cream selection 12
mango – lime – raspberry – passion fruit

ice cream fior di latte with 3 sauces 10
raspberry – maple syrup – caramel with fleur de sel

glass of bailey’s ice cream and hot espresso 9

glass of amaretto ice cream, hot espresso 9

HASTA ice cream flavorings by the ball 4,50
vanilla / coffee / carambar / ovomaltine/ nutella / fior di latte / green tea / lime / ginger

HASTA sorbets flavorings by the ball 4,50
raspberry / passion fruit / mango / absinth